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Audio Test Kitchen launches new website

Faster load times, more sources, Spotify integration and more

Audio Test Kitchen 2

Ambitious microphone comparison service Audio Test Kitchen have just given their website a major overhaul, which adds 25 new sources to compare mics on, and provides instant switching of sources and mics to help you better A/B recordings. The new site is said to be over 20 times faster than the original, and now also features over 200 unboxing videos, plus embedded Spotify links to tracks where the mics you're auditioning were known to have been used, so you can hear them in the context of real-world releases.

In case you missed our Video Feature earlier this year, Audio Test Kitchen was set up with the aim of providing truly objective microphone comparisons. The ATK team managed this by combining repeatable performances (re-amped guitar and bass recordings, player pianos, mechanical drum hitters, and so on) with laser-guided mic placement to ensure that the only differences you were hearing came from the microphones themselves.

Click below to watch our in-depth documentary about how the recordings were made.

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