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Newcomers Kali Audio debut Project Lone Pine monitors

$149 monitors are “most advanced speakers in their class” say makers

Kali Audio Project Lone Pine 6.5Kali Audio, an audio startup based in Southern California, have announced their debut product line, the Project Lone Pine studio monitors. 

The line is made up of two models: the LP-6 6.5-inch studio monitor and the LP-8 eight-inch studio monitor. Both models feature waveguides and a unique front-firing, low noise port tube. They also sport largest-in-class magnets and voice coils, at 1.5-inches. According to Kali’s marketing materials, this offers a more accurate bass response with increased low-frequency extension. For the LP-6, this translates as a frequency response of 45Hz to 21kHz (±3dB). 

Regardless of whether you’ll be placing these monitors on a meterbridge, close to a wall, on a desk or mounted on a wall, there's a boundary compensation EQ setting to match. The monitors will also accept XLR, TRS, and RCA inputs, and the LP-6 is powered by 40W + 40W Class D power amps for 85dB of continuous output when measured at 2 meters. More details will become available for the LP-8 soon.

Charles Sprinkle, Kali’s Director of Acoustics, says of the monitors: “Project Lone Pine Studio Monitors are the most advanced speakers in their class. They are exceptionally accurate, and the large drivers that we’re using deliver incredible punch and clarity all the way down to the bottom of the frequency response.”

The LP-6 will be available in the US September 1st for $149 apiece, with the LP-8 following shortly after. There’s every reason to be excited about Kali Audio’s new monitors as the people behind them have an incredible amount of expertise in the field, all coming from JBL Pro with form working on the 3-Series, 7-series, and M2 studio monitors as well as EON600 and EON One PA products. We look forward to trying out their new designs!

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