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Kali Audio reveal IN-UNF monitoring system

Compact monitoring system

Kali Audio IN-UNF ultra nearfield compact monitoring system studio desktop

Kali Audio have announced their latest monitoring system, the IN-UNF. Based on the technology used in the company’s IN-5 and IN-8 models, the system aims to provide an “ultra nearfield” solution for users working in small spaces where their listening volume is limited either by the room acoustics or the tolerance of their neighbours!

The IN-UNF system consists of a bass unit which employs a pair of 4.5-inch woofers and houses the necessary amplifier and electronics, and two satellite speakers which utilise the same coaxial mid-range and tweeter units from the other IN-Series speakers. The entire system is designed to be placed on a desk, and is said to provide the same full-range, low distortion performance as a pair of IN-8s, but with an intended listening distance of 0.8m.

Kali Audio IN-UNF ultra nearfield compact monitoring system studio desktop bass unit side connectionsThe side of the IN-UNF's bass unit houses all of the systems I/O, with a selection of both analogue and digital connections available.Different setup configurations have been kept in mind, and the bass unit is able to stand vertically behind a laptop or display, or be placed horizontally and used as a display riser. The response of the system can also be tailored to its position within a room, with options including against a wall, middle of a room, across a corner, or walls placed on either side all provided on DIP switches.

The switches also offer a range of  EQ settings, with ±2dB trim controls available for the system’s low-, mid-, and high-frequency response, along with an additional setting which provides a 4dB low-frequency boost.

A variety of inputs are present, with both analogue and digital connections available. Quarter-inch TRS sockets and a 3.5mm mini-jack provide analogue stereo inputs, whilst an optical input offers digital connectivity intended for use with consumer devices such as televisions and games consoles. There is also a USB-C port, which allows the system to receive 24-bit / 48kHz audio from a computer or compatible mobile device.

The bass unit measures 494 x 133 x 294 mm (width x depth x height) and the satellite speakers have a diameter of 158mm. The system weighs a total of 11.2kg.

Pricing & Availability

The IN-UNF is available now in the US, and Kali Audio say that global availability will be soon to follow. The system is priced at $599.

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