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Palm Mute Piano instrument released

Paper Stone Instruments release VIs including German Log Drum and The Clap

Palm Mute Piano from Paper Stone InstrumentsNew virtual instrument developers, Paper Stone Instruments are based in Nottingham, UK and have just released a trio of affordable and slightly unusual Kontakt instruments. These include a German log drum, a palm-muted piano and a handclap instrument, amusingly called The Clap.

All of the instruments have been recorded using three mic positions, one close mono, a stereo pair a little further back, and a pair of stereo room mics.

Here's more from Paper Stone Instruments:

Press Release: Paper Stone Instruments is a new Virtual Instrument development company formed by the team at Paper Stone Recording Studios in Nottingham, UK.

Our mission is to create unique, organic and expressive instruments that we as writers find exciting and useful to incorporate into our own projects.

Working from studio 2, a converted cinema auditorium dating back to the early 1900s with incredible acoustics, we have have taken our time to experiment with microphones, preamps and positioning to create the best possible sound quality. The resulting close, stereo and ambient room recordings can be blended on the Kontakt interface to tailor make the sound that suits your mix.

We have developed 3 initial virtual instruments for simultaneous release, all featuring our trademark sound control versatility and atmospheric big room character. 

First up is the Palm Mute Piano, a first for Kontakt instruments, created by meticulously sampling our Grand Piano using finger dampening to create what is essentially a brand new instrument with a character all of its own and hundreds of potential uses. “From intricate harmonic-like lines, to ethereal pads, Palm Mute Piano is a surprisingly versatile musical tool." - Mark Cousins, Music Tech Magazine.

The second is The Clap, a multi sampled real clap machine that allows you to decide how many people you want clapping in your music, ranging from one person to thirteen. 4 velocities and 5 round robins means the clap always remains organic and realistic sounding. A clever extra is the addition of 4 drum machine claps that can be individually blended into your sound.

The last of the trio is the German Log Drum, sampled at 6 velocity levels and turned into a hugely versatile chromatic instrument that was made for arpeggiating. 3 articulations, soft timpani beater, firm timpani beater and hand hit offer a wide range of tones, while percussive hits sampled from the Log Drum add an extra dimension of drum rhythm possibilities.

The interface on all instruments includes three microphone positions, volume envelopes, LPF and HPF filters. 10 types of reverb can also all be introduced within the Palm Mute Piano and Log Drum instruments with The Clap substituting envelope controls for mixable drum machine samples.

They are all designed for use within the full retail version of Native Instruments' Kontakt and are available through 

Available now at reduced introductory prices until the end of May 2013 with prices of £22.99 for the Palm Mute Piano (RRP £34.99), £11.99 for the German Log Drum (RRP £17.99) and £8.99 for The Clap (RRP £12.99).

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