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Remove drum bleed with ReMuse:KIT

Improves separation in multitrack drum recordings

ReMuse:KIT drum multitrack recording separation bleed removal reduction software

ReMuse:KIT is an application created by ReMuse that has been designed to help engineers achieve greater separation between multitracked drum recording files. It can be used before the mix stage, and promises to eliminate the need for the likes of gating and extensive EQ while preparing tracks for mixing.

The application relies on machine learning, and is capable of reducing bleed whilst leaving the wanted signal in an audio file intact. Files can be dragged and dropped into the application, where users are able to select the track type (kick, snare, toms and so on) from a drop-down menu, and enter a name for the resulting file. Hitting the Go button then applies the appropriate processing to each of the source tracks, and delivers a new set of files with just the selected kit elements present. A Wet/Dry slider makes it possible to determine how much processing is applied, enabling users to define how much the spill is reduced — setting the slider to Dry will apply no processing at all, and 100% Wet will remove spill entirely. ReMuse say that they have also been developing an automatic phase alignment feature that will be introduced in a forthcoming update. 

The application can be purchased either as a perpetual license, or via monthly or annual subscriptions. The functionality remains largely the same with either option, although the subscription models offer a Cloud Processing option, as the ongoing payments cover the cost of providing and maintaining the cloud-based platform. Cloud Processing allows those with less powerful computers to benefit from much faster processing times, and the company encourage users to utilise the free trial to decide which option works best for their setup. Subscription-based licenses also gain access to priority support.

ReMuse say that the software is currently in an ‘early access’ stage, and so users may experience some unexpected behaviour that will not be present in the full release version. More information, along with details of some known issues, can be found on the company’s website.


ReMuse:KIT is supported on Windows and macOS operating systems.

Pricing & Availability

ReMuse:KIT is available now, with perpetual licenses being offered for an introductory price of £199.99 until 30 March 2024, after which it will cost £249.99. Subscriptions are priced at £10.99/month, or £9.83/month if paid annually. Prices include VAT.

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