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DW Soundworks & DWe kits from Drum Workshop

Renowned brand introduce software drums and innovative new kits

DW Soundworks virtual drum plug-in sample library Gretch Slingerland

DW Soundworks is the first software product to be released by renowned acoustic drum designer and manufacturer Drum Workshop, or DW. As well as offering a high-quality solution for programming parts in a DAW, the software can also be used in conjunction with the company’s new DWe drum sets, an innovative new convertible kit designed to blur the line between acoustic and electronic kits.

DW Soundworks

As you might imagine, many of the included sounds have been captured from DW kits, with the core library containing samples of the company’s Collector’s Series line-up, with models including the DW Pure Maple and DW Maple Mahogany joined by limited edition kits that are no longer in production, such as the DW 50th Anniversary and DW Pure Almond. Other offerings include a Gretch USA Custom and a 1958 Slingerland kit owned by DW’s founder Don Lombardi, and further kits will be added to the platform through a series of expansion packs.

All of the content has been captured at 24-bit/88.2kHz at the DW factory using a collection of high-quality microphones, preamps and a variety of compressors and EQ units; there are 18 dynamic layers per sample, ensuring that the resulting virtual instrument is able to deliver an authentic and responsive sound. Further processing can be applied thanks to a comprehensive mixer section, with users able to apply their own EQ, compression, reverb and more, either globally or on a per-drum basis.

DWe Kits

DWe Drum Kit convertible acoustic electronic drum set wireless triggersDWe kits are fitted with wireless triggers and can be converted from acoustic to electronic, promising to offer the most realistic playing experience possible.

The company have also announced the launch of DWe, a series of kits that can be used either as an acoustic or electronic kit thanks to a set of interchangeable mylar and mesh drum heads and snare wires. Kits can be purchased as complete bundles that come with hardware and dedicated electronic cymbals, or as shell packs that contain just the drums. The shells are fitted with DW’s newly developed proprietary electronic triggers, which rely on cutting-edge wireless technology and allows the kits to be played electronically with no cables required.

The kits have been designed to offer drummers the most realistic playing experience possible, with features such as pressure-sensing cross stick detection and pitch bend capabilities promising to combine the convenience of an electronic drum set with the feel of an acoustic kit. The cymbals used in the sets have been engineered with expressive playing in mind, boasting an authentic metal playing surface with three independent zones (edge, bow and bell), edge choke capability and 360-degree playability.

Each DWe kit comes supplied with a license for DW Soundworks.


DW Soundworks is supported on PCs running Windows 10 or 11, and Macs running macOS 11 and above. VST2, VST3, AU and AAX plug-in versions are available, along with a standalone application. The software can be downloaded and authorised via Roland Cloud, which requires a free Roland Backstage account.

Pricing & Availability

DW Soundworks is available now, priced at $199. DWe kits are also available to order now, and pricing can be obtained by contacting an authorised DW dealer.

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