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Rode Microphones acquires Aphex

Mic manufacturer buys up makers of Aural Exciter

RØDE founder Peter Freedman (L) Aphex's previous owner David WienerIn an unexpected move, Rode, the Australian microphone manufacturers, have acquired Aphex, the iconic makers of the Aural Exciter. Aphex will continue to trade as normal, but what does this mean for the use of Aphex technology in Rode products? Well, given the fact that Aphex already licence their technology to Yamaha, Emu, Dean Guitar and others, it wouldn't be a great surprise if the tech started showing up in Rode's studio and video-centric offerings. 

Naturally, only time will tell, but we look forward to seeing the products to come out of this deal.

Here's more from Rode themselves.

Press Release: Australian pro-audio company RØDE Microphones is extremely proud to announce its acquisition of legendary audio technology manufacturer, Aphex.

RØDE founder and Managing Director, Peter Freedman, today announced the purchase of the US based company, well known for its range of audio signal processing equipment that features various proprietary technologies including the iconic “Aural Exciter”.

Founded in the mid-1970s, Aphex (then known as Aphex Systems) has since become one of the music and broadcast industries’ most revered brands, contributing to nearly every commercially successful record for decades. Today, Aphex products and technologies are used in a wide range of applications for music, film, video, theatre, gaming and communications.

The company’s legendary “Exciter” technology was inducted into the TEC “TECnology” Hall of Fame in 2013, in recognition of its contribution to improving decades of music and voice for countless artists, albums, movies, TV and radio shows around the world.

Aphex is regarded as an innovation leader, holding numerous patents, and licensing to a wide range of brands around the world. With its expertise in manufacturing, RØDE Microphones’ acquisition of Aphex heralds a giant leap for both companies.

“Growing up in professional audio as I did, I have always had incredible respect for Aphex.” commented Mr Freedman. “They’ve always been the best in the business at enhancing the recorded audio experience, and that is as true today as it was when the company was founded forty years ago”.

“I am so excited about creating the next chapter in the Aphex story, bringing the company’s game-changing technology to a wider audience, and improving the audio of hundreds of thousands of artists, engineers and content creators around the globe”.

David Wiener, Chairman and CEO of DWV Entertainment, previous owner of Aphex, added: “Aphex is in the best shape ever in the company’s history. I look forward to seeing Peter's exceptional passion and energy focused on growing Aphex with new products and programs. RØDE is an incredible success story of the modern audio movement, and now with Aphex in its stable I am excited to see what will come next”.

Aphex will continue to trade as usual. For a list of authorised retailers, or to find more information, visit

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