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Roland introduce GO:PODCAST mic

USB mic features switchable polar patterns

Roland GO PODCAST all-in-one content creation live streaming USB mic mobile app

The latest release from Roland has been designed to let budding content creators start streaming with the mobile devices they already own. GO:PODCAST combines a USB microphone with an Android/iOS mobile app, offering a simple and intuitive all-in-one solution that can be connected directly to a range of popular streaming platforms. 

The App

The GO:PODCAST mobile app supports a variety of video setups. It is possible to use the front and rear cameras of an iOS device to capture two feeds simultaneously, for example, as well as using a second device as an additional wireless camera via the Roland Satellite Camera app. Settings are provided for split-screen and picture-in-picture views, and users are able to import title graphics and personalise their streams with locally-stored images, videos and audio content. Those streaming mobile games can share their device’s screen as a video feed, and it is also possible for the app to record two camera views separately for offline editing. As for streaming, the app is capable of being connected directly to a range of commonly used platforms including YouTube, Twitch, Facebook and more. 

The Mic

The hardware side of the new system couples a capacitor microphone with a USB audio interface, and as with many similar products, features a built-in headphone output and a hardware control that allows users to create a monitor mix containing both their device audio and direct microphone signal. The mix has been designed with a neutral sound character, allowing it to be used to capture a variety of vocal and instrument sources. Unlike many of its competitors, however, the GO:PODCAST mic boasts switchable polar patterns (cardioid and omni) and can also record in stereo — the stereo recording mode features an option to switch the channels around to ensure that the captured left/right audio matches the video image. 

Pricing & Availability

GO:PODCAST will be available in early May 2024, priced at $139.99.

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