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Roland unveil TD-07KV

Affordable new V-Drum kit offers mesh heads and more

Roland TD-07KV

Roland's venerable V-Drum series has just gained a new member, in the form of the TD-07KV. The new kit comprises an 8-inch snare and three 6-inch toms — all featuring Roland's acclaimed mesh-head technology, and with adjustable tension — plus a KD-10 kick pad, a 10-inch hi-hat and pedal, and two CY-8 cymbal pads for ride and crash.

At the heart of the TD-07KV is Roland's TD-07 sound module, which includes a range of Roland's acclaimed V-Drum acoustic and electric percussion sounds plus a wealth of sound-shaping options. It can also be remotely controlled via Bluetooth, and it lets you send your drum performances on to other hardware or software via either 5-pin or USB MIDI, or even wirelessly (again via Bluetooth).

So everything you'd expect from a professional V-Drum kit is present, then — apart from the price. Despite its inclusion of proper mesh heads and a fully-featured drum 'brain', the TD-07KV kit is set to sell for under a grand. Click the link below to find out more.

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