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Room Sonics: New audio consultancy company

Speaker alignment & room acoustics services

Room Sonics acoustic treatment design speaker alignment room correction consultant UK

Room Sonics is an audio consultancy specialising in on-site acoustic assessments, acoustic design, speaker calibration and all-round sonic optimisation.

Founded by Chris Allen, an accomplished engineer with over 15 years of experience managing high-end UK audio brands such as PMC and Prism Sound, the company was formed with the aim of helping audio professionals and domestic listeners get the best sonic performance out of any room.

Chris brings with him an extensive amount of knowledge and experience, having supplied and commissioned systems to some of the world’s top mixing and mastering studios, post-production and broadcast facilities including Abbey Road Studios, BBC, Studios301, Dean Street Studios, Greg Wells, Tommy Vicari and many more.

“Not everyone is fortunate enough to have a professionally designed and built studio to work in. Most of us, including many top-level professional artists, producers and musicians, are producing music in ‘everyday’ spaces like a spare room, an office or garage. And whilst they aren’t perfect, there are ways to get the best possible performance out of these rooms. Room Sonics specialise in finding your room’s and speaker’s ‘best’.” - Chris Allen

The company offers on-site acoustic assessments which serve to identify any issues that need to be addressed. They have access to a wide range of acoustic products, from traditional in-room treatment to DSP-powered correction systems, allowing them to provide appropriate solutions within the customer’s budget.

Aside from the room itself, Room Sonics are also experienced in monitoring alignment, from stereo systems to surround and immersive formats including Dolby Atmos. The service addresses all aspects from speaker placement to channel line-up, time-alignment, voicing and subwoofer/LFE integration, providing the best possible sonic accuracy and immersive experience in studios, listening rooms and home theatres.

As well as improving existing spaces, Room Sonics are also able to support larger projects and new builds.

Having only been in business since 2021, Room Sonics has quickly garnered an impressive list of clients, including Warner Bros, Sonos, Fluid Mastering, Sigala, Danny Byrd, Jax Jones, Roni Size and many more.

More information on Room Sonics and the services they offer can be found on the company’s website.

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