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Rupert Neve Designs launch 5211 preamp at AES

Two-channel preamp lets you drive transformer without hitting the red on your interface

Launched at the AES Convention in New York, the Rupert Neve Designs 5211 is a two-channel mic preamp with a difference. Each channel has variable Silk output saturation, and the same dual-tap output transformers found in the company’s acclaimed Shelford Channel. These custom output transformers provide both high-headroom and -6dB low-headroom outputs, allowing the user to fully drive the output stage without clipping converters and increasing the unit’s possible tonal variations. 

Rupert Neve Designs’ first product was the 5012 Duo Mic Preamp, released in 2005; the new 5211 represents an evolution of the 5012’s features, circuit design and form factor. Aside from the 19” width, “Shelford” style faceplate color, new dual-tap output transformers, higher voltage +/-21V rails and internal auto-switching power supply, the addition of the company’s much-loved variable Silk circuit “saturates the class-A output stage to dial the harmonic content up to and beyond that of Rupert’s classic designs, while still providing the option of a pristine, open and modern sound when disengaged” say its makers. 
The preamps offer a substantial 72dB of gain plus sweepable high-pass filters so you can dial out low end rumble without adversely affecting your sound.
The 5211 is now shipping worldwide, with a manufacturer’s suggested retail price of $1995.

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