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Scanner Sunday - Live Stream concert

Debut show by Robin Rimbaud

Robin Rimbaud, aka ScannerRobin Rimbaud, aka Scanner

Robin Rimbaud, aka Scanner, performs his debut Scanner Sunday live concert on 14 March at 19:00 GMT. The event will be streamed entirely live direct from his studio with a multiple camera set-up.

Robin said, "who knows what it will be? Not even me right now, nor a few minutes before the show. That's the real joy of live improvised music. I will be around to chat afterwards too".

This live stream is hosted on Bandcamp, and requires a free Bandcamp fan account to view.
A replay of this stream will be available for 24 hours.

Tickets cost £5 GBP or more

You can also find out more about Scanner by listening to his SOS podcast here.

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