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Eventide MicroPitch Delay now available in pedal form

Classic widening effect applies pitch-shift and delay

Eventide MicroPitch Delay

Eventide's classic MicroPitch Delay effect has just been made available in a standalone pedal. The effect, first heard in the classic H910 and H949 rackmount processors, involves applying subtle delays and pitch-shifts to the left and right channels of a source, creating a luxuriously spacious effect. When the effect is provided statically it creates a wide, ADT-type sound, but it can also be modulated, yielding something like a very wide stereo chorus effect.

All the expected controls are present, including separate pitch controls for the A and B outputs, depth and rate knobs for modulating the pitch, and a wet/dry mix. In terms of I/O, there are stereo inputs and outputs, and the pedal can run in either true stereo or mono-in/stereo-out modes. The two footswitches allow you to engage or disengage the effect, and to input a tap-tempo for sync'ed effects.

You can also connect an external footswitch, which you can then use to recall one of five user-defined presets, with the pedal capable of storing up to 127 presets internally. Eventide have even made a selection of presets available on their website, which you can upload to the pedal via USB.

The Eventide MicroPitch Delay pedal is available now, and carries an MSRP of $279.…

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