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Send Blocs Wave creations to Launchpad for iOS

Latest updates add Blocs Export and Launchpad Soundpack Sharing

Blocs, the software company spun out from Focusrite/Novation who are responsible for the Blocs Wave and Launchpad iOS apps, have announced a new feature that will tie their two creations together.

Both apps are built specifically for spontaneous touchscreen music making. But while Blocs Wave lets you manipulate audio waveforms to create loops, with the ability to trigger up to eight at a time, Launchpad is designed for creating and remixing whole tracks on the fly, with an 8x6 pad grid to trigger loops and an array of tempo-sync’ed effects.

Blocs Export is a new feature of Blocs Wave that allows you to send the loops you have created directly to Launchpad for sequencing. If you want to make further use of Wave’s editing capabilities, sounds can be returned to Wave with a single tap then re-exported back to Launchpad. Another new feature is Launchpad Soundpack Sharing, which means sounds purchased in Blocs Wave will automatically also be available in Launchpad. To take advantage of this closer integration, all you need to do is update both apps to the latest versions.

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