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SNAMM 2013: ADK Tri Polar Solid State Series (Video)

New large-diaphragm condenser mic range

We caught up with Larry Villella of ADK at Summer NAMM in Nashville to find out about his new range of solid-state large-diaphragm microphones. As the name suggests, the Tri Polar Solid State series all offer transistor-based circuitry, employing a Field Effect Transistor to create a tube-like soft saturation effect rather than using an actual vacuum tube.

The range comprises five models, all inspired by iconic vintage microphones from well-established German and Austrian manufacturers. The first three, based on the sonic characteristics of Neumann microphones, are the Berlin 47AU, Frankfurt 49AU and Hamberg 67AU. Then there’s the Cremona 251AU, which takes its cues from Telefunken and the Vienna 12AU, which is broadly based on the AKG C12.

Each microphone features three switchable polar patterns (omni, cardioid and figure-8), a high pass filter switch and pad. Each design also comes in its own colour, provided by a bright powder-coated finish.

Each mic is set to cost $1299 and shipping is slated for mid August.

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