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SNAMM 2013: Griffin Studio Connect HD (Video)

Two-channel iPad dock for music recording

iPad accessory makers Griffin offered us a sneak-peek at their upcoming two-channel audio/MIDI interface and dock for the iPad, the Studio Connect HD. Its open-top design means that you don't have to remove your iPad from its case in order to use it, which is a criticism that's been leveled at several other docks of this type. 

The dock features two combi mic/line inputs and individual phantom power on each channel. It also features minijack headphone outs and stereo RCA phono outputs for connecting to external monitors. MIDI is well catered for with 5-pin DIN and USB in and out available, making this a perfect portable hub for iPad production work. 

Thanks to a detachable cable arrangement, the Studio Connect HD is also compatible with both 30-pin and smaller lightning connectors, and can be used via a regular USB cable as an audio interface for your computer.

The Studio Connect HD should be shipping early next year and is set to have a price tag of around $149.

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