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Softube reveal mastering plug-ins and Cubase Console 1 integration

Revered digital compressor/limiter/de-esser released as plug-in

Weiss DS1-MK3

Softube have launched a plug-in version of the Weiss DS1-MK3, a revered digital hardware mastering processor, regarded by luminaries such as Bob Katz as "the most transparent, refined, flexible, and least digital-sounding dynamics processor”. The original compressor/limiter/de-esser is beyond the reach of most mortals, costing around $10,000, so $549 ($499 with intro offer) seems rather reasonable. 

Officially licensed and endorsed by Daniel Weiss, the DS1-MK3 plug-in is a line-by-line code port of the original digital hardware and processes at resolutions up to 32-bit/192kHz. It also offers five limiter algorithms — two more than the original unit. 

Mastering Maximizer

The same algorithm is also employed in Softube’s new Mastering Maximizer plug-in, a simplified version of the Weiss DS1-MK3, costing only $199. The Mastering Maximizer offers file ‘flavours’ of limiting: Transparent, Loud, Punch, Wide, and De-ess.

Critically, the processes going on within the plug-in have been designed by experienced mastering engineers, so “it can’t sound bad” claim Softube.

Volume 2

Softube have updated their ‘everything you need’ bundle as well, adding three new products: the above Weiss MM1 Mastering Maximizer, Tape and the Fix Phaser. These are joined by a plethora of other tools such as electronic instruments and amp rooms, EQs and compressors, modulation effects, reverbs and delays.

Volume 2 is out now and costs $499, although if you move fast you can snap it up for the introductory price of $399.

Cubase and Console 1

While Console 1 — the hardware mix control platform — already works with all major DAWs, Softube’s latest collaboration with Steinberg means there are now extra layers of integration within Cubase. For instance, it’s now possible in Cubase to control DAW track selection, solo/mute, volume, pan, send level and more, directly from the Console 1 hardware, speeding up the mixing process. 

This news is doubly interesting considering Softube have recently dropped the price of their Console 1, with the MkII versions now costing around £399/$499.

This new Cubase integration is a free upgrade for Cubase Pro 9.5 users.

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