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Sonicware reveal LIVEN Ambient Ø

Uses newly developed wavetable-like technique

Sonicware LIVEN Ambient compact portable desktop synthesizer drones pads soundscapes textures

Sonicware’s LIVEN range offers a selection of synths and samplers that manage to squeeze some serious features into a portable, cost-effective package. LIVEN Ambient Ø is the eighth release in the series, and has been designed specifically for creating atmospheric soundscapes. 

The instrument features four layers (Drone, Pad, Atmos and Noise) that can be merged together to create undulating and fluctuating tones; they can be independently sequenced, allowing users to record in separate performances and parameter changes as well as applying different note probabilities. As with the other members of the LIVEN family, the instrument’s top panel is packed with hands-on controls and includes a button keyboard that means it can be played without an external controller (although that’s also possible thanks to MIDI I/O). 

At the heart of LIVEN Ambient Ø is Sonicware’s newly developed Blendwave Modulation Synthesis, a wavetable-like technique that combines six Structures that each consist of 32 WAVEs and provides users with controls over Wave Structure and Harmonic Balance, along with de-tuning and modulation functions. The Noise layer then includes eight nature sounds and offers noise blending, pitch adjustment and modulation, as well as allowing users to record their own samples of up to eight seconds from the instrument’s line input. 

Of course, no instrument aimed at ambient soundscapes would be complete without a healthy selection of effects, so it’s no surprise to see that Sonicware have loaded the LIVEN Ambient Ø with quite the selection. No fewer than nine types of reverb are present, and are joined by a second effects unit that can be loaded with tape and reverse delays, while overdrive, bit/rate crush, tilt EQ and stereo chorus effects can be applied globally at the master output. 

Check out the video below to hear the instrument in action.

Pricing & Availability

The LIVEN Ambient Ø is available to pre-order now, priced at $239. The first batch of instruments are sold out, but a second batch will begin shipping on 30 July 2024.

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