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SOS Recording Guitar seminars at London Guitar Show 2005

SOS delivered free 'Recording Guitars' seminars
The London Guitar Show, now in its third year, came to Wembley Conference Centre on the 6th, 7th and 8th of May and kept visitors both entertained and informed.
Besides the main and acoustic exhibition halls, where top manufacturers exhibited, the Marshall room and the live stage featured stunning performances from top UK and international guitarists. However, this year’s show expanded its focus to take in guitar-recording technology, with the Sound On Sound team presenting a series of seminars on guitar recording.
Our very own Paul White (Editor-in-Chief), Hugh Robjohns (Technical Editor) and Dave Lockwood (Publisher), ably assisted by Bob Thomas for the acoustic guitar seminar, took seminar attendees through microphone selection and placement, corrective and creative EQ, compression, instrument preparation, pickup systems, mixdown effects & processes and DI techniques — the products, processes and strategies for successful recording in the home studio.
Each of the hour-long seminars, covering the various ways to record both acoustic and electric guitars, was followed by a welcome Q&A session which allowed the audience to follow up many of the valuable points raised in the seminars, as well as providing useful advice on general recording issues.

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