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SOS Tutorials - Black Friday Deal

50% off Black Friday and Cyber Monday

SOS Tutorials Black Friday

Sound On Sound have partnered with NonLinear Educating Inc. (NLE) to deliver a high quality training and learning experience using their extensive range of over 1,200 popular video courses.

Tutorials cover DAWs, Keyboards, Synths, Recording and Performance Techniques, and much more with new courses being added every month.

Each multi-video tutorial is presented by one of NLE’s top trainers and is expertly crafted to teach you new skills and workflows. So whether you’re looking to grasp the basics of Reason, uncover expert tips on Pro Tools, or want to learn how to improve your vocal recording technique, just dive into SOS Tutorials.

For our fantastic Black Friday deal we’re cutting the usual $25.00 USD per month price by 50%. You can now access all of the videos any time for only $12.50 per month or for one yearly payment of $99.50 USD.

Offer ends Tuesday 1st December 2020.

Please note, the SOS Tutorials subscription is transacted by NLE and not part of your usual magazine subscription.

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