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Sound Semiconductor release huge Quad VCA data sheet 

Provides circuit operations and applications for DIYers and seasoned designers

Sound Semiconductor — a recently-formed maker of audio chips — have announced a significant update to the data sheet for their SSI2164 Fatkeys Quad Voltage Controlled Amplifier. The SSI2164 is a direct replacement for the Analog Devices SSM2164.

The SSI2164 Quad VCA, introduced earlier this year, now has a comprehensive data sheet to go with it. The sixteen-page data sheet includes a wealth of information spanning from general use to real-world applications, and includes a description of circuit operation. Content is arranged to satisfy a range of technical abilities from DIY enthusiast to seasoned circuit designer. 

Special applications include zero to 5V linear and exponential control, voltage controlled filters, and a novel temperature compensated exponential voltage to current converter by synth design icon Dave Rossum. 

"We wouldn’t normally announce a data sheet update,” stated Dan Parks, President of Sound Semiconductor. "But this one is significant and in keeping with our goal of providing best-in-class data sheets to support a wide range of users.”

The data sheet is available now and can be download from Sound Semiconductor is composed of musicians and technologists with the goal of developing affordable, high-performance integrated circuits for the electronic music and professional audio markets.

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