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Soundation launch Beatmaker

Collaborative online production platform

Soundation Beatmaker online collaborative sequencer sampler DAW

Soundation have lauched Beatmaker, an online platform which allows users to collaborate in real time via a browser-based sequencer and sampler.

Beatmaker features a collection of pre-made, royalty-free beats, drum kits, and samples compiled by professional producers, but also allows users to upload their own sounds and samples for those who’d prefer to start from scratch. Once uploaded to the platform, samples can be manipulated with envelope, pitch, volume and panning tools, and arranged into patterns using the online sequencer.

Soundation Beatmaker online collaborative sequencer sampler DAWUsers are able to upload their own samples to Beatmaker, and manipulate them directly from the browser-based interface.Users are then able to share their beats with friends, or even collaborate with others within the Soundation community. The platform allows multiple users to work on a project at the same time, with every change they make updated instantly.

Those who are interested in trying out the platform can check out Beatmaker studio now and remix beats made by MG the Future, with kits by Justin Hawkes and Bishu to follow in the weeks to come. No sign-up is required, and Soundation say that they will continue to add new royalty-free beats and kits created by innovative producers.

For in-depth information on collaborative recording, production and mixing techniques and processes, take a look at our Remote Music Production article from the May 2020 edition of SOS.

Pricing & Availability

Beatmaker is available now on the Soundation website. Soundation offer a free plan which allows users to work on up to three projects and provides 1GB of storage, and a range of monthly and yearly paid plans to suit different usage cases. Pricing details for the paid plans can be found here.

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