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Soundgas hosting Adrian Utley charity auction

Ending at 17:30 GMT on 4 December 2023

Soundgas Adrian Utley Portishead Moog Little Phatty synthesizer charity auction sale

Soundgas are currently hosting a charity auction for the Moog Little Phatty used by Adrian Utley as the main instrument for his tours and gigs with Portishead over the last 10 years, including their standout Glastonbury show in 2013.

The instrument contains all of Adrian’s sounds, including a’ Chuck D’ patch which was created backstage when they found out the Public Enemy frontman was going to join them on stage, and comes in a tour flightcase sprayed with the iconic “P” along with various shipping labels and stickers. Videos of it being played live, as well as Adrian demonstrating the sounds can be found on his social media channels.

Here’s what Adrian has to say about the sale:

“I’m auctioning this Moog Little Phatty Synth on the Soundgas website who are not taking commission so ALL the money we make will go to MAP Medical Aid for Palestinians who sorely need as much help as they can possibly get in this terrible situation. I’m hoping we can raise a good amount from this. And we can all donate too. Every bit helps.

It’s my main synth from our Portishead tours over the last 10 years and has all the sounds I’ve made and used on those tours. (I use a Korg Mono/Poly also for a couple of polyphonic sounds.) The sounds include:

  • Machine Gun: Bass and Siren
  • The Rip: a couple of variations I used
  • We Carry On
  • One of my Theremin sounds used on various tunes
  • ‘Chuck D’ is a sound I quickly made in the dressing room with headphones when we realised that Chuck D would join us on stage for a break in the middle of Machine Gun. It’s sort of like the sample of Fred Wesley and the JBs intro for ‘Blow your Head’ that PE used on Public Enemy No 1

These, like a lot of my sounds, are really simple and rely on mod wheel, pitch bend, filter movement and context. I use a delay and reverb pedals on them too.”

The auction will end at 19:30 GMT on Monday 4 December 2023. More information can be found via the link below.

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