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Soundgas Music Gear Auction returns

22 November 2023 - Online

Soundgas Music Gear Auction vintage analogue synthesizer sale modular Eurorack classic studio gear

Soundgas have announced that their third Soundgas Music Gear Auction will be taking place on 22 November 2023 at 17:00 GMT13:00 EST. Continuing with their ‘something for everyone’ approach, the auction’s 200 lots will offer a mixture of rare and legendary synthesizers, Eurorack and modular kit, and of course, a selection of vintage/classic/weird gear for which the company are known! Bargain hunters will also be pleased to see a dedicated Tech’s Corner section packed with items in need of repair or restoration, or to serve as donors for other projects.

Classic instruments that have sold in previous Soundgas auctions include a Yamaha DX-1 and CS-80, Buchla Skylab, Cwejman S1, Synton Fenix II, several PAiA Modular pieces, Roland TR-808, Prophet 5 Rev 2 and a range of models from Korg and ARP. Whilst many such examples may not be accessible to everyone, a large part of the sales have been made up by cheaper vintage equipment and more modern gear, including Akai samplers and MPCs, effects pedals, obscure Japanese beatboxes and, of course, a huge number of Eurorack modules.

As with the previous two auctions, this sale includes a selection of items from the extensive studio collection of David 'Dex' Wright, which comprises many classic synths, outboard, modular and DIY pieces. Dex, who sadly passed away last year, was one of the leading figures in the Lincolnshire underground music and art community, performing as a solo artist under the name Tape Noise, as well as collaborating on projects such as Dregs Of Zen, Crisp Packet Jackets and Grim Beeper. David was also the founder of Weird Garden, a live music event hosted at his own Decimal Place artspace since 2012 that continues in his memory.

More information about the Soundgas auction can be found via the link below.

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