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Source Audio to launch MIDI Adapter

Adds MIDI control capabilities to selected pedals

Source Audio MIDI Adapter effects pedal control C4 Synth Aftershock Atlas Spectrum Intelligent Filter

Source Audio have announced the upcoming release of a MIDI Adapter that will add MIDI functionality to each of their single footswitch effects pedals. Paired with the company’s free Neuro Desktop Editor software, the device will allow users to assign MIDI messages to functions such as preset switching and parameter control.

The device will connect to the Control Input socket on the company’s C4 Synth, Aftershock Bass Distortion, Atlas Compressor, and Spectrum Intelligent Filter pedals, with a standard five-pin DIN connector accepting an input from an external MIDI controller. By default, each of the pedals are set to MIDI Channel 1, and will switch presets in response to Program Change messages.

Source Audio Neuro Desktop Editor MIDI guitar pedal control softwareUsing the Neuro Desktop Editor, users will be able to configure effects parameters on compatible Source Audio pedals to respond to MIDI CC and Program Change messages.More advanced functionality will be offered thanks to integration with Source Audio’s Neuro Desktop Editor, which will allow users to assign Continuous Controller messages to individual pedal parameters, as well as configuring effects to respond to MIDI Clock information.

The MIDI Adapter is supplied with one TRRS cable which can be used to connect the device to a compatible pedal’s Control Input, and a DIN to TRS cable for connecting an external MIDI device to the adapter’s MIDI Input. A MIDI Thru connector is also present, allowing the incoming MIDI signal to be passed to an additional MIDI Adapter unit and Source Audio pedal. Power is drawn from the connected pedal, meaning that no power supply or batteries are required.


The company’s Neuro Desktop Editor software is supported on PCs running Windows 10 and above, and Macs running macOS 10.10 and higher.

Pricing & Availability

MIDI Adapter will be available later this month (January 2023), with pricing yet to be announced.

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