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Space & Time bundle by GPU Audio

Latest graphics card-powered PC plug-ins announced

GPU Audio Space & Time bundle graphics card powered audio processing plug-ins delay convolution reverb

GPU Audio have announced the release of the Space & Time bundle, the second instalment in their free Beta Suite series of plug-ins that utilise the host computer's GPU (graphics processing unit) rather than its CPU. Three processors are provided in the bundle, including the original FIR Convolver, along with the newly developed FIReVerb and Delay modules.


FIReVerb is a reverb plug-in offering decay times of up to 10 seconds. Users are able to control the size and width of the effect, as well as adjusting the balance and timing of early and late reflections. Adjustment of the effect’s frequency range is provided by a single-pole band-pass filter, the bandwidth of which can be set using a Q parameter.


Delay is divided into two sections which provide independent control over each channel of a stereo input signal, with Time and Feedback parameters joined by a Shift control which introduces small time shifts to facilitate the creation of wider effects. Delay times range from 10ms up to two seconds, and there are four modes of operation: Free, Sync, Ping Pong and Looping. When used in Sync mode, the plug-in can be tempo-synced to divisions that range from 1/32 to two bars. A single-pole band-pass filter with adjustable resonance is available for each channel.

All three of the bundle’s plug-ins have a scaleable GUI, which can be set to values between 66 and 400 %.

Ongoing Development

As with the previous Beta Suite release, the new bundle will be continually updated with new features and fixes over the coming months. The company are still keen to receive feedback and suggestions, with users invited to share their experiences either via GPU Audio’s Discord channel, or via the feedback forms on their website.

With this latest release, the total count of GPU Audio plug-ins now stand at six, with more processors including an EQ, filter, exciter, distortion, gate, compressor and limiter currently in development. In addition to the company’s own releases, a number of third-party plug-ins (including a GPU-powered synth) from a range of high-profile developers are planned to be revealed over the coming months, the first of which is being made in conjunction with Spatial Audio company Mach1.


The Space & Time bundle is supported on PCs running Windows 10, and is compatible with graphics cards from Nvidia (10XX and above) and AMD (Radeon RX navi 1.X and higher). GPU Audio say that beta support for Apple systems will be available later in the year.


The Space & Time bundle is available to download now for free from the GPU Audio website.

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