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GPU Audio announce Mac support

Innovative technology now available to Apple users

GPU Audio Apple support DSP audio processing on graphics card

GPU Audio have announced that Mac users now have access to FIR Convolution Reverb, an early-access impulse response reverb plug-in that utilises the power offered by a computer’s GPU rather than its CPU. The company say that the biggest request they’ve had this year is for Apple support, and that this latest release will allow Mac users to see the benefit of the new technology on computers equipped with M1 and M2 processors.

GPU Audio have spent the last 10 years working on the technology, which offloads plug-in processing to a system’s GPU, harnessing power that may otherwise go unused in a system that is used primarily for audio work. Since their first releases on Windows systems, the company have gained support from the likes of NVIDIA and AMD, with both companies opting to form official partnerships with GPU Audio upon recognising the potential of the technology.

Apple users have been keen to see support for their systems, especially with the system-on-chip (SoC) nature of M1 and M2 processors meaning that all of the company’s new computers ship with powerful integrated graphics capabilities that may not be utilised by those working in music and audio.

A SKD (Software Developer Kit) is due for release in early 2023, which will allow third-party developers to begin using the technology to offer their own GPU-powered plug-ins. Mach1 are already planning a release in conjunction with GPU Audio whilst others due to be announced, and the company are welcoming other developers to sign up via their website.

The company are keen to point out that all early access plug-ins are proofs of concept which are designed to illustrate what the technology is capable of rather than being fully featured processors, and are welcoming feedback on their performance and features in order to aid continued development. Online feedback forms are available on the company’s website, and users are also welcomed to join their Discord community.


FIR Convolution Reverb is available now, and is free for anyone with a compatible system to download.

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