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GPU Audio Beta Suite Modulation Bundle

Offload plug-in processing to GPU

GPU Audio Modulation Bundle audio DSP processing on graphics card

GPU Audio are a software company based in Switzerland, and were established with the aim of creating a brand new sound processing workflow. Recognising that those working with audio often do not utilise the power provided by modern graphics cards, they have been developing a range of audio plug-ins that offload their processing from a computers CPU to its GPU.

The company have today announced that their first free beta suite of plug-ins, the Modulation Bundle, is now available to download. The bundle includes three plug-ins: Chorus, Flanger, and Phaser, all of which have been created with GPU Audio’s patented technology, harnessing the parallel processing power of GPUs and delivering ultra-low latency performance as well as offering vast scalability.

Further collections will become available over the coming weeks, with Spacial Processing, Frequency Correction, Distortion Devices, and Dynamic Processing bundles all planned for release. The plug-ins will continue to be updated in response to user feedback, which can be submitted via the company’s Discord channel, where they also provide direct support to their community.

In addition to the Modulation Bundle, there is also a free Early Access FIR Convolution Reverb plug-in based on the same technology available to download from the GPU Audio website.


The GPU Audio Modulation Bundle is available as a collection of VST3 plug-ins, and is compatible with Windows PCs equipped with NVIDIA graphics cards. Support for AMD graphics cards and AAX plug-ins is coming soon, and GPU Audio say that they are currently working closely with Apple, and that macOS is expected to be supported by November 2022.

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