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Soyuz unveil 1973 FET microphone

Most budget-friendly Soyuz to date

Soyuz 1973 large diaphragm condenser capacitor FET microphone

Soyuz have released the 1973, a large diaphragm FET capacitor microphone which becomes not only the latest model to join the company’s range, but also the most budget-friendly. The cost has been kept down by only including features that Soyuz believed to be essential, however the microphone is still equipped with a version of the company's own capsule and each model is machined and assembled by hand.

The 1973 features a new body design, with a compact form factor that Soyuz say will allow engineers and music makers to fit the microphone into tight quarters, making it a great choice for miking everything from drums and guitar amps through to vocals and piano.

The microphone features a fixed cardioid polar pattern, and is equipped with a pad switch offering -10 and -20 dB settings. Frequency range is stated as 30Hz to 18kHz (although no measurement details are available), whilst self-noise is specified as 18dB (A-Weighted), and the 1973 is able to withstand an SPL of 140dB.

“We wanted to create a new microphone that retained the high quality of our other products while making it more affordable for bedroom music makers and project studios. When you buy a 1973, you’re getting a Soyuz in every sense of the word. Expect lows that are present but not boomy, a forward mid-range that’s never boxy, and highs that are airy and open, but never harsh.” David Brown, co-founder of Soyuz Microphones

The 1973 measures 100 x 55 mm (length x diameter) and weighs 300g. Silver and black finishes are available, and the microphone comes supplied with a mount to attach it to a stand.

Pricing & Availability

The 1973 is available now from Soyuz retailers worldwide, priced at $799.

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