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Win a 013 FET Microphone from Soyuz!

Celebrate FET Mic Month with Soyuz

Soyuz 013 FET Giveaway

This September is FET Mic Month for Soyuz Microphones, a 30-day celebration of all things related to field effect transistors. To continue the revelry, Soyuz now offer their 013 FET microphone as a competition prize for one lucky winner.

A small-diaphragm capacitor microphone, the Soyuz 013 FET provides superb transient response and an ability to capture details accurately. The microphone features a custom-designed hand built toroidal transformer and capsule; Soyuz say this gives a smooth top end, warm midrange, and a balanced low-end. You can read our full review of the microphone from SOS Nov 2017.

For a chance to win, simply visit the Soyuz Microphones website and enter your details with the online webform before the closing date of 7 October 2022.

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