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Acustica Audio Lava mic modeller released

Model over 140 microphones using your own mics

Acustica Audio Lava

Lava was launched today by Acustica Audio, the makers offering ‘the microphone revolution at your fingertips.’ This software plug-in aims to accurately recreate the characteristic tones of classic microphones, with modelling of parameters such as the microphone’s response, harmonic content and proximity effect.

Based around a collection of 141 microphone emulations (100 source mics plus 41 destination mics), Lava aims to make your own microphones sound like any of the included models. Vintage and modern microphone models are here, as are a wide variety of popular, pricey and rare examples too.

As Lava is a software-only plug-in, it relies on your own microphones for recording. Users select the microphone used to record with and then select the microphone they want to sound like. The interface also includes controls such as gain, low-pass filter, wet/dry mix and a slider for adjusting the microphone distance, ranging from 25 to 50 centimetres. In addition to the standard version, Acustica Audio say there is an alternative version that offers zero latency, resultantly using more processing power.


Lava is a VST/VST3/AAX/AU plug-in from Acustica Audio’s Acqua Series. It is available now for download from the Acustica Audio website at an introductory price of €129, rising to €209 after 11 October 2022.

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