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Spitfire Audio launch LABS Uilleann Pipes

Latest free release samples traditional Celtic instrument

Spitfire Audio LABS Uilleann Pipes free sample library virtual instrument Celtic

The latest addition to Spitfire Audio’s growing range of free instruments and sample libraries sees the company collaborate with award-winning composer Hannah Peel, developing an instrument which features in her score for the National Theatre production of ‘Dancing at Lughnasa’.

As its name suggests, LABS Uilleann Pipes captures the sounds of a set of uilleann pipes. Often referred to as the Irish bagpipe, their distinctive sound is produced using multiple drones, regulators and chanters, offering a softer and more expressive tone than the Scottish bagpipes. The library has captured performances featuring a range of traditional Celtic flourishes and ornamentations, and promises to provide an unconventional way to add texture and interest to contemporary compositions.


  • Ornament - Long notes with an accented tonal ornament in the attack
  • Pipers Ascension - Long notes with performed “bend” into the note
  • Cellular - Long notes with unmeasured tonal flourishes throughout
  • Cranns - Long notes with abrupt and frequent tonal flourishes throughout
  • The Chanter - Tonal “longs” performed and infinitely looped
  • The Regulator - Tonal “longs” played on the regulators and infinitely looped
  • Tides - Constant altering of pipe lengths to subtly alter the pitch, bringing the instrument in and out of tune Air - The non-tonal “breath” of air passing through the instrument


  • i1 - Expression
  • i2 - Dynamics and Filtering
  • O1 - Drone Type and Volume
  • O2 - Distance Control
  • O3 - Reverb


LABS Uilleann Pipes is presented in Spitfire’s own plug-in, which is supported on PCs running Windows 7, 8 and 10 (latest Service Pack), and Macs running macOS versions 10.13 to 11. VST2, VST3, AAX and AU plug-in versions are available.


LABS Uilleann Pipes is available now, for free, from the Spitfire Audio website.

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