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Spitfire Audio launch MG Soft Acoustic Guitar

Captures a softly-played Martin J-40

Spitfire Audio Mike Georgiades MG Soft Acoustic Guitar virtual instrument sample library VST

The latest addition to the Spitfire Audio range captures the sound of a softly-played Martin J-40 steel string acoustic guitar. Created in collaboration with composer and virtuoso guitarist Mike Georgiades, MG Soft Acoustic Guitar aims to set a new standard for virtual guitar libraries, promising a remarkably authentic sound and helping to demystify the workings of the instrument for non-guitarists.

The library has been recorded at Spitfire HQ using a vintage pair of Neumann U87s, and features five velocity layers with up to seven round robins. A range of articulations including mutes, harmonics, slides (pre and post note), slurs, vibrato, bends and hits (string and body) are present, and users are able to choose between a selection of standard guitar tunings or create their own custom options.

There are three different playing modes: Note, Chord and Sequencer. The default Note Mode offers access to individual notes, and will display their position on the fretboard of the guitar image in the GUI. Chord Mode then utilises a chord/strumming engine, with parameters including Strum Speed and Humanize joined by a range of options that make it possible to customise the guitar’s playing style.

Finally, Sequencer Mode offers a customisable 32-step sequencer with four banks, providing a quick and simple way to program parts — a selection of preset sequences are included, and it is possible to create new ideas from scratch and save them to the library. Helpfully, parts can be created by recording MIDI information, and anything written in the sequencer can be dropped onto a DAW’s MIDI track.

A Calibrate tab offers control over string tunings and capo placements, as well as housing parameters that adjust the instrument’s dynamic range, and details such as string attack and fret noise. Five built-in effects are included, which include both convolution and algorithmic reverbs, along with chorus, delay and an EQ.


MG Soft Acoustic Guitar runs in Native Instruments’ Kontakt Player version 6.71 or higher, which is supported on PCs running Windows 10 or above, and Macs running macOS 10.15 and higher. VST, AU and AAX versions are available.

Pricing & Availability

MG Soft Acoustic Guitar is available now, priced at £149 including VAT.

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