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Spitfire Audio release Originals Orchestra

Covers strings, brass, woodwinds, percussion, pads and piano

Spitfire Audio Originals Orchestra

Spitfire Audio have launched Originals Orchestra, a new addition to their Originals series. This 15.3 GB sample library has been designed as a perfect starting point for composers venturing into writing with an orchestral library. This collection features five libraries and covers strings, brass, woodwinds, percussion, pads, and piano.

With Epic Strings, users can craft string arrangements using the sound of a 60-piece symphonic string section. Epic Brass and Woodwinds offers dynamic brass and woodwind sounds, while Cinematic Percussion provides a selection of instruments and effects for dramatic impact. The Firewood Piano brings the sound of an upright piano performed by Jeremiah Fraites of The Lumineers and recorded at Colorado Sound Studios, and Cinematic Pads offers a range of atmospheric textures and ambient sound.

The virtual instruments each contains three signals which can be blended together, allowing users to finely tune the blend between the recorded room and close microphone positions. With the exception of Firewood Piano, all the recordings have been made in the reverberant acoustics of AIR Studios in London. The libraries are also NKS compatible.

Price & Availability

Originals Orchestra is available now for a price of $99£99.

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