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Summer NAMM: Belkin Break Free (Video)

Magnetic Jack Cable Accessory
Every now and then, handy gadgets and gizmos are released that change the way we work.

One of these, we think, is the Belkin Break Free. It's a simple product that has a jack socket on one end and a plug on the other, with a magnetic connector in the middle. If tugged hard, the magnetic connection breaks, and prevents the cable being pulled from its socket. All the player has to do to re-make the connection is snap the two magnets back together.

It's aimed for use on stage, where it could prevent damage to the socket of a guitar or bass, in the event that the cable is tripped over or snagged. The powerful magnet makes a good connection, and snaps together in an instant.

Of course, these can be used in the studio too; instead of using a patch bay, cables can be snapped in and out of a mixing desk or rackmount processor, without having to completely remove and then re-insert the plug. They're due to become available soon, costing under $20 each.

Visit Belkin's web site and watch the video below for more.

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