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Two new mics from Shure

KSM range expands

Shure’s KSM range of microphones has recently been joined by two new models, which will be shipping in the UK imminently. Named the KSM42 and the KSM44A, both of the newcomers are large-diaphragm, side-address mics designed for both vocal and instrument recording.

The KSM42 employs a Braunmühl-Weber (dual-diaphragm) capsule to achieve its fixed cardioid polar pattern, the active diaphragm being a 24-karat gold, 2.5-micron, one-inch Mylar type. The passive (rear-facing) diaphragm exists to combat the proximity effect, and it does so as a result of the way that it reacts to nearby, low-frequency sounds.<strong>Shure KSM42 & KSM44A</strong>

Maximum SPL is given as 139dB, and frequency response is quoted as 60Hz - 20kHz. The high pressure handling and relatively restricted low-frequency response (combined with the tamed proximity effect), Shure say, obviate the need for a pad or high-pass filter — which is just as well, because it doesn’t have them. Electronically, the mic features what Shure call Prethos Advanced Preamplifier Technology, which apparently exhibits low self-noise, improved dynamic range, a superior transient response and very low distortion.

The mic ships in an aluminium case, and comes with a shockmount, pop filter and carrying pouch, and is available now for £774.32, including VAT.

Next up is the KSM44A, a switchable-pattern mic that offers omni, cardioid and fig-8 settings. This model also benefits from Shure’s Prethos technology, though in contrast to the KSM42, the frequency response extends down to 20Hz. No maximum SPL is given, but it seems likely to be less than for the KSM42, as they’ve seen fit to include a 15dB pad, as well as a bypassable two-position high-pass filter (the turnover frequencies for which weren’t available at the time of writing).

The KSM44A is supplied with an aluminium case, shockmount and carrying pouch, and weighs in a little more than the KSM42, at £962.32 including VAT.

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