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UAD on the move

Universal Audio announce UAD for laptops
American hardware and software manufacturers Universal Audio have announced the UAD Xpander, a version of their popular UAD DSP card for laptop users. It uses the Express Card 34 interface, which can be found on Apple’s Macbook Pro and on some PC laptops, with an aluminium breakout box that contains the same DSP processor as the UAD1.

It can run at sample rates from 44.1kHz to 192kHz, and comes complete with 14 plug-ins, as well as UAD vouchers for purchasing more plug-ins through the Universal Audio web site.

It will be available in three packages: Xpress, costing around $1000 and including a $500 UAD voucher, Xpert, costing $1399 and including a $1000 UAD voucher, and Xtreme, costing $2199 with all 32 plug-ins. The Xpander is expected to ship in the first quarter of 2007; needless to say, UK prices are to be confirmed.

Other news from Universal Audio is that their UAD1e Extreme Pak (which costs around $2000) is now shipping. Not only does this have the PCI Express version of the UAD card, but it includes all UAD plug-ins: a package that, if bought separately, would cost over $3000.

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