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Universal Audio guitar pedals unveiled

UAFX series comprises three DSP-based effects

Universal Audio UAFX

Universal Audio have just unveiled a brand-new range of premium guitar pedals. Apparently many years in development, the new UAFX series combines UA's decades of experience in analogue circuit design with the company's famed modelling technology. Each pedal boasts dual DSPs, and at launch, the range comprises the Astra Modulation Machine, the Golden Reverberator and the Starlight Echo Station.

Universal Audio UAFX USB portThe Astra majors on LFO-based effects, and houses emulations of a rackmount studio flanger, a classic bucket-brigade chorus pedal, and an optical tremolo effect. The Golden Reverberator packs the sound of vintage spring, plate and digital reverbs, while the Starlight Echo Station promises to recreate 60 years' worth of delay effects, from vintage tape echoes to glossy digital delays, via an analoge bucket-brigade-style effect.

All the UAFX pedals boast extensive hands-on control, and also feature a preset saving and recall system. They can also all be run in either mono, dual-mono or true stereo modes. Most intriguingly, UA tell us that it will even be possible to add new effects to the pedals in future, via a rear-panel USB port and courtesy of the analogue-modelling team behind the acclaimed UAD plug-ins.

The UAFX range is due to start shipping this Spring, and each pedal will sell for $399.

Universal Audio UAFX pedals

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