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UVI release Dual Delay X

Versatile delay plug-in offers complex stereo field manipulation

UVI Dual Delay X spatial delay plug-in

UVI have released Dual Delay X, a versatile new delay plug-in that uses unitary rotation and reflection matrices similar to those found in the feedback delay networks of reverbs. UVI say this approach allows for complex stereo field manipulation that would be unachievable with other designs.

Everything from simple, clean delays through to heavily processed lo-fi digital sounds are possible, and the plug-in features a dedicated feedback shaping section for in-depth control over the resulting effect. A number of sound shaping modules are integrated into the feedback path, including peak, high-cut and low-cut filters, downsampling and bit reduction, and tape saturation effects. Despite the effect's versatility, the user interface remains simple and has been designed to allow users to create sounds with minimal fuss. Everything is presented within a single panel with primary delay parameters placed to the left and feedback parameters to the right, whilst Stereo and Phase graphs at the top of the UI help to visualise the effect over time.

UVI Dual Delay X spatial delay plug-inThe above graphic displays the signal path through UVI's Dual Delay X plug-in.

The plug-in comes complete with a library of factory presets, with dozens of delay sounds on offer courtesy of UVI’s in-house sound design team. Users can quickly browse though categories such as Stereo, Mono, Short, Mods, Special FX and more, and built-in A/B controls allow for easy auditioning of sounds. Parameter locks are available for controls such as Mix, Time and Feedback for consistency when browsing and comparing presets.

Windows and Apple machines are both supported, with the plug-in officially compatible with Windows 10 and Windows 11, as well as macOS X 10.14 to macOS 12. In terms of formats, AU, AAX, VST and VST3 versions are all available. Authorisation is via iLok, although a dongle is not required.

Dual Delay X is out now, with pricing available via the UVI websitewith an introductory price of €29 available until 31 July 2022, after which it will be priced €59. UVI are also offering an unrestricted 15-day trial version.

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