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VIDEO: Exodus Digital launch Valkyrie hardware synth

Newcomers unveil brand new 128-voice, 8-part polytimbral hardware synth

Valkyrie is an advanced virtual analogue (VA) synthesizer aimed at advanced consumer, semi-pro and professional musicians — both studio producers and live performers. Initially available in an all-metal, compact desktop format, Valkyrie will also be available in a 19-inch rack and keyboard format later in 2018. 

Valkyrie is a completely new hardware design using the latest in Field-Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) technology to provide a massive improvement in performance over competitive instruments using legacy DSP technology, says its maker Manuel Caballero. Valkyrie always delivers 128 voices over 8 polytimbral Parts via four balanced stereo outputs at 32-bit/96kHz as well as streaming each Part over USB 2.0 at 24-bit/96kHz (UAC2). 

In terms of synthesis, Valkyrie offers 10 oscillators per voice which can be doubled to 20 by combining two voices. Sound generation is performed at an unprecedented 32x oversample rate and offers a complete set of synthesis techniques including ring modulation, FM, dual two and four pole ladder filters, hypersaw, hard sync and dual wavetable synthesis with 4096 waveshapes available. 

Valkyrie also sports a nine-unit dedicated effects module including shelving EQ available on each part. Valkyrie is designed to be used without a computer and as such features a high-resolution OLED display. However, an Editor/Librarian application is included. Valkyrie offers a full MIDI implementation via traditional 5-pin DIN and class-compliant USB 2.0. 

The Valkyrie hardware synth is set to begin shipping in June and should cost under £2000. For more audio demos visit:

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