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Vintage Electric Musical Instrument Auction

52nd VEMIA Auction: Apr 3rd-10th 2021

VEMIA Auction

Sphere Music host the 52nd VEMIA auction from Saturday April 3 to Saturday April 10 (with Second Chance Sunday on April 11).

Currently there are 522 items listed with more coming in each day covering synths, keyboards, modular, effects, pedals and tons of spare parts.

Hot items include an amazing collection of Bruel & Kjaer vintage equipment.

Some great recent synths
Waldorf Quantum Shadow:
Sequential Prophet 10 rev4:

Plus two Minimoog Model D re-issues

Other stand-outs are a Yamaha DX1:
Cadmium Red 32-voice Waldorf Wave:

A choice of five different Roland System-100m modulars

A near mint condition Roland TR-808 drum machine.

Many effects and pedals including:
Roland PH-830 phaser.
Sony DRE-2000 legendary digital reverb.
Great British Spring.

For every item entered in the auction, whatever the start price, the first bid will win unless someone bids higher, there are no hidden reserve prices.

There are always plenty of useful spares in each auction - from Roland IR3109 chips to Rhodes Chroma panels, masses of useful DIY bits, and (in this auction) most of the innards of a Waldorf Wave.

The auction finishes Saturday April 10, with Second Chance Sunday April 11 for some unsold items at reduced prices if the sellers choose. 

Any questions, please contact Peter Forrest -

See the website for a full list of items

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