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Build your own Focusrite Forte!

New DIY magazine launched today

SOS Workshop

This month, SOS Publications are launching a brand-new monthly magazine. SOS Workshop is aimed at DIY hobbyists and enthusiasts, and will feature plans and components to help you build your own studio equipment. The all-new magazine, which goes on sale later today, will start with an ambitious project to build your own mixing desk.

Focusrite Forte PSUDesigned by the legendary Rupert Neve, the Focusrite Forte is widely regarded as the best recording console ever made. Fiendishly complex and expensive to manufacture, only a handful of them were ever made — but with a subscription to SOS Workshop (£8.99 per month), you can make your very own. Included with the debut issue is a pull-out schematic for the power supplies (you'll need one rackmount PSU for each 8-channel 'bucket' you build), and a free Texas Instruments LM723 regulator IC to help you on your way.

Issue 2 of SOS Workshop will see your project evolve and, as well as continuing the plans for your PSUs, will feature invaluable advice on installing a balanced mains power system in your home, plus how to reinforce your floor in advance of the console's installation.

Over the course of some months, SOS Workshop will provide you with every single electronic component you'll need. All you'll have to source yourself is the metalwork, PCBs and wiring looms! The SOS Workshop Focusrite Forte project will keep you and your family entertained for weeks on end, and when you've finished, you'll have your very own slice of recording history.

To subscribe, visit today.

SOS Workshop Focusrite Forte

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