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New Casiotone series launched

Trio of keyboards is aimed at casual players

Casio CT-S1

Casio have unveiled their new Casiotone range of home keyboards, which they're pitching as ideal for “everyday music-makers”. The range comprises three instruments, each sporting 61 “piano-style” keys and built-in speakers.

Likely of most interest to serious musicians is the flagship CT-S1 (pictured above), which features Casio's premium AiX Sound Source engine, allowing it to “faithfully reproduce the appealing sound of acoustic instruments such as guitars, drums, basses, brass, wind instruments, string ensembles and more”. The same engine has been used in some of Casio's higher-end instruments too, but here users will get the ability to treat it much like an acoustic instrument, thanks to a reflex-loaded speaker system that spans the full width of the keyboard.

The other two instruments in the range are aimed at the beginner and casual keyboardist, with the CT-S400 boasting 200 accompaniment rhythms (plus an auto-accompaniment system), and the LK-S450 featuring illuminating keys to help even total novices get a pleasing sound out of it.

The Casiotone CT-S1, CT-S400 and LK-S450 are due to go on sale from June, and are priced at £225, £279 and £295 respectively.

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