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Moog Sound Studio kit unveiled

'Just add headphones'

Moog Sound Studio

Moog have unveiled a new synth bundle that they're describing as an ideal entry point into the world of electronic sound generation. The 'just add headphones' Moog Sound Studio thus contains: a pair of Moog synth modules, a two-tier rack to house them in, a mixer and PSU combo, patch cables and a patch cable organiser, a set of patching exercises and a patch book, educational materials (including games to encourage experimentation), and some fancy Moog artwork created exclusively for the bundle.

Moog Sound Studio mixerThe kit is available in two varieties: both include a DFAM percussion synthesizer, and this can be paired either with a Mother-32 or Moog Subharmonicon. We've reviewed these modules in depth recently (read our DFAM review here, our Mother-32 review here, and our analysis of the Subharmonicon here), but the mixer is new to us and warrants further investigation. As far as we can tell from Moog's playful photography, it's a pretty basic device sporting two stereo input pairs and a headphone out. There's no independent level adjustment for the inputs (you'll have to use the master outs on the modules for that), but Moog have cannily included a power distribution system capable of running up to three of Moog's modules simultaneously, which ought to make for a tidy little setup.

Both flavours of Moog Sound Studio are available now, priced at $1399 for the DFAM+Mother-32 set or $1449 for the DFAM+Subharmonicon edition.…

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