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Mixing Pop Music

Video Course from Samplecraze

Eddie Bazil - Samplecraze Course Tutor Eddie Bazil - Samplecraze Course Tutor

When he's not creating great SOS Podcasts, Samplecraze owner Eddie Bazil runs his highly-respected video tutorial site.

Eddie has recently launched a new course called Mixing Pop Music, which features 24 videos providing 5 hours of learning material including exercises and practical guides applicable to a wide range of recording artists, engineers, producers and hobbyists.

Ideal for both beginners and more advanced users alike, the course's aim is to provide a solid grounding in the relevant technical processes prior to complementing this knowledge with many “before & after” audio exercises.  The scope of the course is wide enough to encompass almost every scenario and includes example uses of many industry-standard plugins.

The best way to explain how to mix a pop song is to mix a pop song from start to finish. This process enables the tutor to provide professional insights along the way, precisely where and when they’re of most benefit; it also has the benefit of making the course more personal and relevant.

By the time you have completed Eddie's course you should be able to produce a radio-friendly, commercial pop mix: and not only that — you’ll have had fun doing it too!

This course is on special offer for a limited time only. £19.99 (normal price £38.99), US offer $27.57 (normal price $53.77), EU offer €23.41 (normal price €45.66)

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