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Samplecraze release Low End Compilation

Save on new package containing best-selling eBooks and video tutorial

Do you want to learn how to construct killer beats, process epically low bass lines and lay down savage rhythms? If so, Samplecraze have just the package for you. 

With their newly announced Low End Compilation — a package containing three best-selling eBooks plus the latest Advanced Drum Layering video tutorial — you’ll learn all this and more.

Across these resources, you’ll discover the tricks of the trade: layering drum sounds professionally, dynamically processing your existing low end 808s and bass-lines into delicious rhythms and ripping (profile and extract) your favourite drum beats from commercial songs and converting them into your own beats using your own custom-designed drum sounds.

The Low End Compilation is aimed at beat producers of all levels with content tailored to suit all levels of beat making and low end management.

Samplecraze are ambitiously calling this “the only product you will ever need to lay down monster beats and planet shaking low end bass-lines.” With a saving of 45% off the recommended retail price if bought separately (only £19.99!) it’s certainly worth a look.

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