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Watch this demo of iZotope RX 7 (AES 2018)

Check out the new Repair Assistant, Dialogue De-Reverb and multichannel audio support

The RX audio repair suite from iZotope continues to be used industry-wide for movies and TV shows to restore damaged, noisy audio. Now, with RX7 it delivers some serious new features that will come in handy for music recordists. Repair Assistant looks for clipping, clicks, hum and noise and then suggests how to proceed with processing. It then presents three options for processing that you can audition before committing. 

For the audio post community with which RX has found favour, there’s a new Dialogue De-Reverb processor that can help save voice recordings. There’s also the ability to process audio files in surround. Finally, Pro Tools users will be pleased to know that most of RX7’s modules are available as AudioSuite plug-ins, the offline processing format for Avid’s DAW.

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