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Look Mum No Computer | Podcast

Look Mum No Computer - Sam Battle

Sam Battle, also known as Look Mum No Computer, chats to Caro C about his love of electronics, '80s music and re-using discarded technology in new ways to create a unique musical identity.

Show Notes


00:38 - Introduction
01:30 - Developing A Unique Sound
07:35 - Early Projects
08:29 - Analogue Noise
12:29 - Modular Synthesis
13:59 - Kosmo Modules
15:44 - This Museum Is Not Obsolete
17:53 - Interactive Installations
20:57 - The 1000 Oscillator Megadrone
22:52 - The Crystal Palace Electro Magnetic Sonic Sequencer
26:53 - Other Electronic Projects
27:49 - Musical Projects
29:26 - The Recording Process
32:21 - Working With Patreon

Sam Battle - Biog

1000 Oscillator Synth - Sam Battle

From his early interest in electronics and '80s synth-pop to setting up a museum showcasing obsolete electronic and music technology, Sam Battle, who goes under the moniker Look Mum No Computer, is carving out a unique niche for himself.

Known as both an Inventor and Musician and with a strong Patreon following, Sam makes a feature of reworking old technology to create new and interesting sounds. He has repurposed discarded Teletubbies, Furbies and Speak & Spell's to create various interactive projects, which are used in his musical compositions and are also featured at his museum in Ramsgate, Kent, UK.

Interviewer: Caro C - Biog

Caro C with headphonesCaro CPhoto: Shirlaine ForrestCaro C is an artist, engineer and teacher, specialising in electronic music. She started making music thanks to being laid up whilst living in a double-decker bus and listening to Warp Records in the late 1990s. This "sonic enchantress" (BBC Radio 3) has now played in most of the cultural hotspots of her current home town of Manchester, UK. Caro is also the instigator and project manager of electronic music charity Delia Derbyshire Day.
Twitter: @carocsound
Instagram: @carocsound

Delia Derbyshire Day Charity:

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