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October 2021 Magazine Contents

SOS (US Edition) October 2021

Reviews: Clavia Nord Piano 5 • Analogue Solutions Leipzig v3 synthesizer • HEDD Type 07 Mk2 monitors • Monitor Controllers user guide • Trinnov D-MON & La Remote room correction system • Minimal Audio Rift distortion/filter plug-in • ROLI Equator2 soft synth • Roland TD-50KV2 electronic drum kit • ZP Microphones ZP800G • E-RM Polygogo Eurorack module • E-V Evolve 50M PA • Studer Revox PR99 tape recorder • Soniccouture Threnody Strings sample library — and plenty more!

Techniques + People:  Sample Slicing: Beatmaking With Hardware [front cover] • Duran Duran: Recording Future Past • SOS Visits Real World Studios [feature video] • How To Make It In K-Pop • Inside Track: Måneskin ‘Beggin’ • Multi-miking Guitar Amps • Federico Vindver: Producer/Songwriter • How I Got That Sound: Martin Landquist • Mix Rescue: Kirsty Cooke • Badsista • Cubase: Stereo Imager — plus Ableton Live, Apple Logic Pro and Studio One DAW workshops.




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