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Matt Rad Interview (Video)

Interview By Will Betts
Published March 2015

The transition from rock to pop isn't always easy — unless you're Matt Rad. We talk drum recording, Eric Valentine and how to stay relevant.

Every young producer has to start somewhere, and for Matt Radosevich that place was his parents' basement in Oakland, California. It was thanks to his early enthusiasm in music making — both as a player and a producer — that he got to meet heavyweight rock producer Eric Valentine, and, after considerable pestering, Eric gave the young Mr Radosevich a job as his assistant. 

Under Valentine's guidance he worked with bands such as the Hives, Taking Back Sunday and 30 Seconds To Mars, but since the two parted ways, Rad has become known as a producer of pop, rather than rock. His biggest chart success to date is One Direction's ambitiously titled 'Best Song Ever', which dominated airwaves all over the world back in 2013. He has also worked with the likes of Demi Lovato, Boyz II Men and Lupe Fiasco, and it's in his new studio in Los Angeles that we caught up with him.